What Is Sports Mania?

Our biggest summer sporting extravaganza!

JUNE 21-25th 9:00-3:00 PM

With basketball, soccer, gymnastics, football, dance, volleyball and martial arts, there is bound to be a sport for your child to enjoy. Sports Mania is a safe, exciting and fun environment where your son or daughter can learn and develop essential physical skills as they learn what it means to not be ashamed of the Gospel and to be in a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Mornings are spent at their sports clinics while afternoons are an all out red versus blue exciting game competition. So wear your color, dye your hair, paint your face, and get ready to rumble! The EAC is committed to provide a middle and high school led camp! Sportsworld is for those who have completed K-8th Grade – minimum of 6 years old.

Awards will be given on the last day of camp at 2:30 PM to some students, so invite friends and family to see your child during the awards ceremony!

Bring a water bottle, lunch, and comfy clothes to run around in. Thursday will be water day so bring a change of clothes and towel!

We are looking for sport coaches and high school students to help at Sports Mania!